Our People

Elevated Unity.

There's no doubt that the greatest resource of any organisation lies in it's people. They embody our strength, vitality, and are paramount to our very existence.


Supporting and Coordinating Culture & Environment

The best companies know that in order to win, you have to create a culture of engagement, and an environment where people want to spend their time. Caley is responsible for a welcoming the team in the office, and supporting them near and far as we continue to embrace the hybrid way of working.

Peter Grevitt

Seventeen years and counting

Peter Grevitt's unwavering commitment and loyalty is evident as he passes the 17 year milestone within our organisation, making him an integral part of our cherished family.


The new working culture.

Embracing a new vision of hybrid working, Charlotte is responsible for revolutionising the head office environment, paving the way for a more dynamic and innovative workplace.

Luke Stallwood

Expanding Skill Sets

Embarking on a journey into the world of 3D design, the exceptionally talented Luke Stallwood, embraces Maxon Cinema 4D to cater to RG's escalating requirements for visual assets.

Nicholas Potter

The all rounder

Nick has a wide range of knowledge across many areas of the business from SEO, analytics, site migration planning and all aspects of AutoSynergy. Nick will be your main point of contact for new or existing project and guiding you to the correct team member for any specialist query.

Julian Potter

Looking to the future

Co-founder and Creative Director Julian Potter proudly announces the transformation into Reality Global.

Timothy Potter

Future proof foundations

As the Technical Director and Co-founder, Tim fortifies server security, leveraging his wealth of knowledge to establish a robust foundation for all our endeavours.

Harrison Grant

RG appoints Harrison Grant to Financial Integrations Lead

Harrison will oversee financial integrations with our payment solution partners such as Barclaycard and Stripe whilst working closely with RG’s user experience team.

Glenn Standing

Partner Integrations Manager

The addition of the Auto Trader API integrations to Glenn Standing's skillset is crucial for the success of our continuously expanding partner integrations, as his experience and knowledge play a paramount role in achieving this.


Assistant to Director


Recognising young creative talent

As one of the youngest members of the RG family, Olivia brings a fresh perspective and a unique set of skills to her role in social and creative content.

Luke Stallwood

New Media Manager appointed

Luke Stallwood has joined Reality Global as their new Media Manager, bringing his expertise to the forefront in delivering assets of the utmost quality.

"It's important to remember each of us are remarkable and we all have something to offer to our industry and the world at large. It's our responsiblity to make that manifest and we take a step back from our goals everytime we don't make it happen."

Julian Potter - Creative Director
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